How to use Valid Vouchers

How to use online voucher codes - Step by step guide

  1. Find a Voucher Code

    Search on this website to find a Voucher Code that you are interested in.

  2. Reveal The Code

    Reveal the Code by clicking the Get Code Now button.

  3. Copy the Voucher Code

    Copy the voucher code to the clipboard using ONE of the following methods:

    • Press the Copy button that is located under the Voucher Code.
    • Or Keyboard copy function. (Hint: Ctrl C on windows, Command C on Apple)
    • Or Mouse copy function. (Hint: Right Click --> Select Copy)
    • Or Touch Screen copy function. (Hint: Hold finger on screen --> Select Copy)

    Or you can simply write code down on a piece of paper.

  4. Open the shopping website

    Click the "Open Shop in New Window" button that is located next to or under the voucher code. The shop will open into a new window allowing you to easily switch back to our page if you need to copy the voucher code again or find new vouchers.

  5. Do your shopping

    Select the products that you want to purchase and go to the store checkout page.

  6. Enter the Voucher Code

    You will be able to enter the voucher code on the checkout page before you pay. There will be a box for you to enter the code. It is usually labelled "Voucher Code", "Promo Code", "Discount Code" or something similar.

    If you have copied the code to the clipboard use ONE of the following methods.
    Use the:

    • Keyboard paste function. (Hint: Ctrl V on windows, Command V on Apple)
    • Or Mouse paste function. (Hint: Right Click --> Select Paste)
    • Or Touch Screen paste function. (Hint: Hold finger on screen --> Select Paste)

    If you have written the code down:
    • Enter the code manually using your keyboard.